productsTable Tent Cards


  • 14pt or Endurace
  • 2 sizes to choose from
  • glossy UV or matte finish
  • scoring included

Sizes Flat Size 1000 2500 5000
4" X 6" (finished sizes) 4" X 16.25" $329 $559 $799
5" X 5.5" (finished sizes) 5" X 16.5" $359 $599 $899

Table Tent Card Printing Services

Printing Solutions specializes in table tent card printing services. Table tent cards are great for advertising your special promotion, event, or just providing information at events or venues. Our table tent card printing services produce table tent cards that are an eye-catching way to get information in front of customers and meeting attendees. Including your logo and branding in your table tent card printing will create a lasting impression while delivering your message.

Printing Solutions table tent card printing services create top quality table tent cards, made from premium materials with UV coating. We offer 2 sizes of custom table tent cards to get your information out where everyone can see it. These cards are long lasting and durable, and make a great impression.

If you need help with design, layout or logos, use our award-winning designers to create dynamic and informative table tent cards that will make your company the star of your next event. offers:
Premium materials
UV Coating
2 sizes of table tent cards to choose from
Full Color Table Tent Cards
If you would like an online table tent card printing quote please click the contact link below.


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